About Us


Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK) is a charitable, nonprofit organization formed in 1968 by Kenyan students. It was the first conservation education programme of its kind on the continent of Africa. According to Dr. George Schaller:” WCK is the most effective grass-roots programme of its kind in all of Africa.” WCK was elected to the UNEP’s Global 500 Honour Roll in 1986. Through Africa wide workshops, WCK has stimulated a continental wildlife clubs movement. It has also helped spawn clubs in Asia, Latin America and elsewhere in the third world.

WCK is actively lobbying for conservation action. This has helped to bring about a hunting and wildlife trophy ban in Kenya; increased tree planting and soil erosion control activities; and vigorous conservation of natural resources. After half a century of service, WCK proudly looks back on one fundamental achievement. It has helped educate over 1,000,000 young Kenyans and placed many of them in positions of influence. The clubs’ intention is to ensure that this enormous membership and awareness leads to tangible conservation successes.

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Empower Youth and Communities to Proactively Engage in Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

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Proactive Society in Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

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Enhancing Wildlife and Environmental Conservation for Posterity

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Learn to Conserve for a Better Tomorrow

Core Businesses

Conservation Education to Kenya youths

Establishment of schools wildlife clubs

Center for Tourism Training and research (CTTR)

Komba magazine and other publications

Provision of transport facilities

Provision of hostel facilities