WCK is a training and research programme of the wildlife clubs of Kenya (WCK). The centre was launched in response to the challenges posed by the increasing demands of sustainable tourism development in the country as well as contributing to the career development needs of WCK student members.

The diversification of tourist products and tourist circuit I Kenya will not only require appropriate and relevant marketing strategies but also competent personnel in terms of knowledge, skills and adaptability to changes.

Our training focus at WCK is to aim at producing such personnel with the research component constantly enriching the courses and information our overall training policy and direction. Thus, work at WCK involves training action and reflects on that action as a continuous process for us to remain a credible actor in the tourist industry.

WCK is also linked to Moi University, faculty of forest resources and wildlife management and the department of tourism. Training at WCK therefore brings the best of wck and Moi University together. Wck’s 30 years of conservation education experience and Moa University’s scholarly expertise join at WCK to produce middle cadre professionals in the tourist and wildlife sector. The training has therefore a good blend of the both theory and practice reflecting the backgrounds of the collaborating institutions.

I am proud of both the students and the staff at wck for the cordial and friendly teaching and learning atmosphere at the centre. Our staff encourages the students to be involved in the teaching and learning process in order to help them in developing their critical analytical skills. Joining wck is therefore a serious personal pursuit of both intellectual and professional development. Wck’s resources and Moi University will facilitate this.

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