The region covers three counties in Ukambani, Namely; Kitui, Machakos and Makueni. The office therefore was established to address ASAL biodiversity conservation with the aim of achieving the following objectives:-

To increase public awareness of the conservation and importance of the ASAL biodiversity.

To educate the people living in these areas through the youth that despite the low biodiversity in the ASAL areas their cultural, environmental, aesthetic and economic values are important.

To disseminate information, knowledge and skills of activities which people could undertake at local level to alleviate pressure on the already scarce resources in these areas.

In order to achieve the objectives WCK, the office has developed three key appropriate conservation education approaches. These are:-

  • Outreach programme.
  • Awareness forums
  • Networking

Outreach Programme:

This is a unique programme which involves visiting schools on termly bases to enhance conservation knowledge through lectures, film shows and dissemination of informative environmental materials.

Awareness Forums:

These forums are conducted on monthly bases to create awareness on the importance of ASAL biodiversity and conservation measures. Theme of the events depends on the national theme of the year. They include:-

  • Environmental Rallies
  • Ecological walks to degraded areas, hills, forests for observation and restoration purpose.
  • Clean ups to show the importance of clean and healthy environment.
  • Anti – poaching campaigns to discourage poaching activities within the area.
  • Inter – club meetings for the exchange of ideas and discussions.
  • Tree planting programmes for restoration of degraded areas and greening.


Environmental issues affect all sectors. The office works with other stakeholders to disseminate conservation information, capacity building, advocacy and exchange of ideas through seminars and workshops.

The office displays and projects

“Talking wall”

  • Photographs of regional activities and posters
  • Office displays of the indigenous seeds and educational materials

Making of Briquatte project

An office attachee making briquattes using the briquatte machine

He is using charcoal dust and waste papers to make the briquattes

The briquatte display in the office

Tree nursery project

A Tree nursary in the office

Office Activities and Programmes

Outreach programme

School outreach programme in Kitui county

Awareness activities

Tree planting Exercise

Tree planting event held in Kitui County.

Environmental rally.

Partnership and Networking

Partnering with KWS and provincial administration

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