The MEU is the most popular conservation education program in Kenya schools. It is an outreach program that takes conservation education to schools and communities. The programs visits all regions of Kenya including the far flung areas of the country that have no electricity. About 80,000 school children benefit from this program every year. The MEU is fully equipped with a car, audio-visual materials, filming equipment as well as conservation publications

During the visits the program addresses thematic conservation issues to school children and communities in an interesting, interactive and engaging manner. This is done through giving of talks, screening of wildlife and conservation films and issuing of publications. More importantly the program guides schools in forming and managing the wildlife clubs. This ensures sustainability of the lessons learnt during the MEU programs.

As well schools are guided to initiate various conservation activities in their schools and degraded ecosystems as a well of curbing ecological threats. The long term aim of the MEU is to see an empowered and informed society that can understand their connectivity with nature and make informed decision in natural resource conservation

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